Snapchat’s reinventing itself to fight Instagram

Last week, Snapchat held its first partner summit, where it described the company’s new approach to standing out from competitors like Instagram.
Key announcements included new ar features for lenses, new Snap original content, a multiplayer gaming platform, and a brand new developer kit to integrate Snapchat stories in other apps (like Tinder).
Let’s break down these announcements to understand what the corporate wants to do.
First, the new ar features include:

Solving math problems by pointing the Snap camera to an issue. Are effects for monuments, pets, and people. Integration with, – so that you can shop what you see. Integration with Shazam to identify songs.

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Queen Elizabeth II posts on royal family Instagram account for the first time

Queen Elizabeth II has posted on Instagram for the first time, sharing a picture and personal message with the royal family account’s 4.7 million followers.
The monarch shared the post on the Royal family’s Instagram account to help promote the science museum in London.

The image was of a letter from 19th-century inventor and mathematician Charles Babbage to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

The post read: “Today, as I visit the science museum I was interested to discover a letter from the Royal Archives, written in 1843 to my great-great-grandfather Prince Albert.

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