4 Brands crushing it on Instagram right now

Instagram has quickly evolved from a simple image sharing platform to an unbelievably effective social media branding and marketing tool for businesses – giant and small. We all know the importance of a Facebook marketing strategy on-line, however is your company using Instagram to brand itself?
If not, you’re not alone. However what’s vital is that you get started, and simply jumping right into it isn’t always the way to go. Do some research first, and get an idea of what you want your online brand and presence to look like.

We’ve compiled a brief list of some of the foremost successful firms on the Instagram platform to-date. Eye-catching pictures and creativity are at a surplus with all of these companies. Check them out below!

The ultimate sports brand? Yes. Awesome Instagram strategy? You better believe it.
Nike utilizes its extensive group of spokespeople, such as LeBron James, Serena Williams, and Tiger Woods, to spread its message. The company posts photo and video content, often featuring the hashtag “#justdoit”, and they have been very successful in doing so.
You may not have celebrity brand representatives for your business, but Nike’s use of powerful captions and high quality media can be a valuable lesson for anyone.

One of the foremost successful businesses within the current landscape, AirBnB uses the Instagram platform to shed light on some of the neatest locations within the world. The corporate allows people to rent out their homes for a set period of time, and it’s been very successful with business (as well as with social media).
Providing cool places to stay is what AirBnB does, thus showing eye-popping pictures of those residences is what they do on Instagram, and trust us, it’s working!

Playdoh? Yep! Playdoh does an amazing job of promoting itself on Instagram by showing all of the various things you will do with its product.
When you were a kid, you made all types of cool things with Playdoh, however after a fast look at their Instagram page, you’ll realize that you were missing all types of possibilities (as were we)!

A team of husband and wife started making letter boards by hand, and eventually turned it into a small business. When a customer purchases one, they get a blank canvas and a set of letters to make up whatever they want for different situations.
This has led to uber-creative fan posts that have been sent in a reposted by Letterfolk, and it’s working wonders for their social media strategy (and their revenue, we’re sure!).